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The global economy is experiencing an unprecedented growth towards a cleaner and more sustainable future by adopting radical strategies on industrial circularity, decarbonization, and the transition to cleaner fuels. Sinclair is at the forefront of developing cost-competitive and cutting-edge solutions across the Decarbonization and Energy transition spectrum.


Our core technology portfolio includes a range of five technologies to produce green electrons as well as zero-emissions fuel. The robust technology portfolio is underpinned by our industry-leading technology portfolio, systems engineering skillset and market insights, which places us in a unique position to become a significant contributor in the emerging era of Energy Transition.

Our core technology portfolio includes:

  • Offshore multi-modal renewable energy solutions

  • Power storage and equalizer systems for industrial applications

  • Synthetic carbon-neutral fuels

  • Waste to Green Hydrogen

  • Lean GHG intensity ammonia production

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