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Green Electricity

Large scale, surplus and low-cost green electricity is a foundational and primary building block for accelerating the decarbonization of global energy systems.


Green Electricity is an important part of the Energy Transition and our work at Sinclair involves the development of industrial-grade power storage and equalization systems, and offshore renewable power generation technologies. Power storage and equalization are necessary to bridge the gap in the intermittency of renewables. One of the main challenges with battery technologies is the supply chain security for rare earth materials.


Sinclair has developed a novel chemistry which does not require use of rare earth materials, hence enabling competitive sourcing and increases the overall power and volumetric density. Sinclair has also developed expertise in harvesting energy from ocean waves and stream currents, to maximize the power generation capacity per square km of offshore acreage. The technology is highly complementary and has a low covariance with offshore wind, thus increasing and smoothening the overall power output.

Sr No
Business Case
• A novel chemistry for power storage battery and an integrated system for large-scale power equalization
Power Storage and Equalizer
• Supply chain security : The batteries are made from novel chemistry to procure raw materials from resources rich countries. An enabler to build the supply chain to reduce dependence on politically influenced countries.
• Higher power storage – volumetric energy density – Enhanced safety for industrial applications
• Leverage vast energy resources in waves and stream currents to increase offshore renewable energy capacity
• Lower to cost of offshore power generation
Offshore Stream Current Energy Harvester
• Increase energy density from offshore acreage
• Sweet spot locations include Norway, UK, Australia, America
• Develop automated and remotely controlled large-scale power storage system
• Marinization suited for shallow water depths
Subsea Power Storage
• Sea water cooling to remove the cryogenic system for cooling
• Applicable in locations with difficult/expensive access to land, e.g. New York and California
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